• October 25-27, 2019 - Austin TX

October 25-27, 2019

Adventurers and explorers
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FinanceBuzz is delighted to offer, exclusively to FinanceBuzz Elite (FBZ Elite) Members, the chance to join a uniquely memorable experience celebrating our special travel community.

Travel enthusiasts from around the world will gather this October in Austin, Texas, USA, for our second ELITE Experience presented by FinanceBuzz.

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The most epic travel event you'll ever attend.

Connect with real people who want to support you in achieving your travel dreams.

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"You brought together people from all over the country, different races, religions, orientations, economic levels, etc. We came to meet others who shared our “hobby” and discover the souls behind the cover we see on our profile pictures. We shook hands, we hugged, we laughed, we quickly developed bonds 'Beyond the Points'.”

Kyle K. of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

"Meeting the people you spend so much time talking to online about travel is better than I could have imagined. Everyone was wonderful and so easy to talk to!"

- Jennifer J. of Houghton, Michigan


The FBZ Elite Summit

The FBZ Elite Summit in Austin will connect you in-person to the industry's top authorities on award travel and your future life-long friends.

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to use credit card points and loyalty points for free flights and hotel stays
  • Get proven advice on traveling solo, as a couple, or with family from the best and brightest in the award travel industry
  • Understand how you can earn elite status on airlines and at hotels without actually flying or staying many nights
  • Make valuable connections in a fun, inclusive environment

Then you do not want to miss out on the FBZ Elite Summit!

This exclusive event will feature speakers, panels, fireside chats, and immersive roundtables. If you put what you learn into action, you will save at least $1,000 in travel costs in the next year whether you travel frugally or luxuriously!

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Who's behind this awesome event?

The Summit is hosted by the FinanceBuzz Team. FinanceBuzz's goal is to democratize financial independence. Not just for the select few, but for all -- regardless of your background, gender, race, or income level. We believe we can help everyone become more financially independent.

If you want help making your travel dreams happen, this event is for you!

Watch Our Video from Vegas 2018!

Keynote Speaker

Brandon Neth

Award Travel Expert 9:30AM Saturday, October 26, 2019

Brandon Neth has visited 76 countries, over 700 cities, and has flown more than 750,000 miles, all for minimal out of pocket cost. He’s passionate about traveling on a budget and optimizing points and miles to get the maximum number of experiences for every point. He’s been heavily involved in the award travel space since 2009. Brandon is now the FinanceBuzz ambassador of the amazing community FBZ Elite - Travel and Points.

The Main Event
Saturday, October 26, 2019

9am - 7pm CT

Austin, TX

Vuka Collective's Monroe Venue

411 W. Monroe St.
Austin, TX 78704


ac·tion ● /ˈakSH(ə)n/

The process of doing something, especially when dealing with a problem

Here's the problem. We want to travel more. But we don't want to pay for it!

The FBZ Elite Summit will be focused on Action and how to travel more for less.

Our incredible lineup of speakers have unique, personal stories of how they took action to make their travel dreams happen and forever change the course of their lives.

Some had a special travel experience that made them want to travel more. Others stumbled into the points and miles space when trying to book a flight for less money.

The goal of the Summit is help you take concrete action to make your travel dreams a reality. Learn how to do it from speakers who have:

  • Booked 37 hotel nights in one year, paying only resort fees
  • Flown a family of four first class to/from Shanghai for thirteen nights in 4-star hotels
  • Booked a family of three for two weeks in hotels in Japan including a Japan Rail Pass for no out of pocket costs
  • Flown a couple to Ireland, Germany, and Czech Republic for a two week stay in hotels, plus activities, all for no cost
  • Rented a BMW in Europe for a week for only $322 with no additional cost for insurance
  • Flown to the Maldives and Bora Bora using points, paying only taxes and fees

Our speakers are top experts in the industry and you will not find their secrets shared online with the general public. You do not want to miss what we have in store!


Join our expert speakers for this intimate weekend experience. A Full Access Pass is only a $299 investment in yourself!

Capacity is limited. Last year's event sold out quickly and we can only accommodate a set amount of people at the venue.

All Full Access Pass tickets include entry to the FBZ Elite Summit and the Happy Hour, plus an invitation to our private attendee Facebook group.

Happy Hour Only tickets are also available free of charge to a limited number of people. These tickets must be purchased in order to attend.

Don't delay! You won't want to miss out on this epic travel experience.

All ticket sales times are in Central Daylight Time (CDT), Austin local time.


Anyone who is interested is traveling more but spending less. This includes whether you are the type of person who likes the most bang for your buck traveling frugally ("the more free flights the better!") or the type who likes a little more luxury ("I'm saving up for that four star hotel!"). Or maybe you're a bit of both!

From travel newbies and beginners to award travel experts, we guarantee you will walk away with money-saving tips and action steps to help you achieve your travel dreams. The best part is that this intimate event allows you ask questions freely in a judgment-free zone!

Prior to the event we will gather feedback from confirmed ticketholders about their travel goals and what they hope to take out of the event, so we can tailor the discussions, panels, and agenda accordingly.

FBZ Elite - Travel & Points is inclusive, diverse, and super friendly. If that sounds like you, we want you there!

Yes, we love puppies! Bring yours as long as they are well behaved.

18+. We'll be serving drinks at Happy Hour for 21+. Bring your ID.

Click "Where To Stay" from the navigation bar of this page, or click here.

Your ID and ticket. You can print your ticket or show the email confirmation at the door.

Austin in October is pleasant with low/high of 60°F/80°F so dress accordingly. The event space is air conditioned and there is the spacious backyard.

We suggest bringing your phone, laptop, or a notepad to take notes if desired. There will be outlets for charging but remember to bring your charger!

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks though any alcohol must be served by the on-site bartender.

The dress code is casual. Wear your FBZ swag or something comfortable! There is minimal walking involved so sneakers, sandals, or boots are fine. We will be taking photos and videos.

There is a beautiful grassy backyard at the venue. We'd recommend avoiding stiletto heels especially for Happy Hour.

Yes! You should come whether it's just you or multiple people in your group. We understand the decision to come alone may be a scary one, but we promise you will be so warmly welcomed you'll forget you ever hesitated!

Our group is super friendly and we've had plenty of soloists attend our first event who had a great time. We are non-judgmental, inclusive, and open. Plus the FinanceBuzz Team will make it fun and easy for you to introduce yourself and quickly connect with others. This will not your stereotypical networking event!

Of course! Everyone has phases where they don't travel for one reason or another. But what you'll learn here you'll be able to utilize for the rest of your life. The minor details may change but the overall strategies and tips you'll learn are tried and true.

Vuka Collective's Monroe Venue is 1.7 miles from downtown.

411 W. Monroe St.
Austin, TX 78704
See it on Google Maps

Parking is very limited so we'd recommend using a rideshare like Lyft, Uber, or RideAustin, or take a scooter.

Yes we have a variety of compelling packages for sponsors. The FBZ Elite Summit is the perfect setting for your brand activation. Email us at eliteexperiences@financebuzz.com.


Yes and that is an awesome idea for your travel-inspired friend or loved one. Simply purchase the ticket in their name.

For any General Admission ticket:
Your ticket is non-refundable. If you cannot attend for any reason, email eliteexperiences@financebuzz.com by Wednesday, October 23, 2019 11:55 CDT to request a one-year ticket Courtesy Hold and we will followup with you. A Courtesy Hold means you can use the value of your purchased ticket towards a future ELITE Experience by FinanceBuzz event in the next 365 days. Once a Courtesy Hold is placed, your ticket to the FBZ Elite Summit Austin 2019 is considered canceled.

Tickets can be transferred to another person up until one month before the event. If you would like to transfer the ownership of your ticket to another person, you can do so from your Universe account. Tickets can only be transferred individually. Once a ticket has been transferred, the action cannot be undone within your Universe account and additional change requests must be made by emailing eliteexperiences@financebuzz.com

For a Happy Hour Only ticket:
You may cancel your ticket at any time within your Universe account. If you cannot attend, please cancel as soon as possible, and at the latest Wednesday, October 23, 2019 11:55 CDT.

This event has limited capacity and if you cannot attend, your canceled ticket will allow a member on the Waitlist to come!

No-shows will not be invited to future complimentary ELITE Experiences by FinanceBuzz.

The FBZ Elite Summit is an investment. You are paying now to save money later and we are confident you will! We make sure you get way more value out of attending that outweighs the cost of the ticket.

The FBZ Elite Summit is free for FinanceBuzz moderators and event speakers and panelists. Everyone else must purchase a ticket. The Summit is a costly endeavor and as you'll see, the FinanceBuzz Team is still small!

You are welcome to come to the complimentary Happy Hour at 5pm as long as you purchased a Happy Hour Only ticket. The goal of this free Happy Hour is to ensure we are including as many members as possible even if they cannot attend the FBZ Elite Summit due to cost.

We appreciate the offer! Email us at a eliteexperiences@financebuzz.com and we will follow up with you accordingly.

Email us at eliteexperiences@financebuzz.com and the event organizer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please avoid asking questions about the FBZ Elite Summit in FBZ Elite - Travel & Points. Doing so allows the group to remain valuable for all members and focused on award travel. We greatly appreciate your understanding.